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With cable materials manufacturing field of nearly 40 independent intellectual property rights

Yangzhou Tengfei Electric Cable and Appliance Materials Co., Ltd – a sino-foreign joint venture, a national new high-tech enterprise which has built enterprise academician workstation, engineering technology research center & enterprise technology center recognized by jiangsu province, and also has built 1200 m2 technology research and development building, with plant area of 30000 m2, total area of 48000 m2. Our company has 40 intellectual properties in cable material manufacture field. It has complete testing equipment which has approved ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates, and all products are passed ROHS certificate of EU SGS.
The products are extensively used in top 10 famous cable factories in China, such as: Hengtong, Shangshang, Baosheng, Far East Group and etc. More than 40% of the products are exported to Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

Specialized in producing:
  1. Semi-conductive nylon tape, semi-conductive tetoron tape, semi-conductive cushion water-blocking tape, semi-conductive cushion tape, semi-conductive water-blocking binding tape, Semi-conductive water-blocking metal shielding  flame-retardant woven tape, semi-conductive cotton tape, Flame-retardant semi-conductive cotton tape, semi-conductive non-woven tape.
  2. New low-smoke halogen-free flame-retardant tape (with 15% elongation, soft, no puffed up when wrapping in winter, 100% completely use up for each coil, but ordinary product has no elongation, and each coil waste about 8% ), thin flame-retardant tape (without halogen, asbestos and glass fiber), new type halogen free fire-resistant mica tape (no delamination, with unique elasticity). 
  3. Composite electrodeposited copper foil and aluminum polyester composite tape.  
  4. Polyester tape, water-blocking tape, film laminated water-blocking tape, strengthened light non-woven tape(thickness 0.15mm, specially used in such high temperature resistant cable as wind power cable, rubber cable and etc. With the feature of no sticky under high temperature vulcanization and no shrinkage, no impervious under high voltage, no transformation after bending, and the cable core can be slide freely.) thin non-woven fabric (thickness from 0.03mm to 0.08mm), high-temperature resistant plasticized insulating paper, green non-woven tape, crepe paper, kraft paper, GRPP tape, PETD tape, full chromatogram polypropylene tape and high temperature-resistant color separation tape. 
  5. Water-blocking filling rope, semi-conductive water-blocking filling rope, semi-conductive filling rope.
  6. Flame-retardant high temperature resistant filling rope (without glass fiber, asbestos and halogen, it meets ROHS standards, oxygen index > 40%, melting point 260°C, which weight is the 1/3-1/5 of glass fiber rope and asbestos rope’s weight, it is the ideal product which replace glass fiber rope and asbestos rope, it is specially used in marine cable, mine cable, A type flame-retardant medium voltage cable, flexible flame-retardant fire-resistant cable and all kinds of flame-retardant export cable.

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